Auto-Voting Script Part III

It’s time to update my script! Thanks to my buddy Ben, we now have the ability to vote for multiple accounts on the same computer. Before we had issues with our IP address being logged when we voted, and not being allowed to vote again for different accounts that haven’t voted for at least 12 hours. Now using the TOR project, we are able to vote through their proxies and can get out votes for multiple accounts.


Download Zip

Unzip this directly to the C:\ drive.

Browse into the cURL and Bin folders, then edit wow-one.bat.

Near the top note that you see “set username=player123”. Change player123 to your account.

Near the top note that you see “set password=$ecretPa$$”. Change $ecretPa$$ to your password.

Install TOR Browser from here:
(The TOR Browser must be open for the batch file to work correctly)

Follow task scheduler instructions (number 8 and down) from here:

Edit wow-one2.bat as you did above, but this time for your second account. If you need more accounts, you can copy this bat file and just rename it to wow-one3.bat, wow-one4.bat and so on.

Repeat the task scheduler instructions changing the batch file name to the new bat you have edited. You must also change the start time to 12 minutes after the previous one.
(The reason you must space out the tasks is because the proxy TOR is using changes as a frequency of 10 minutes. In order to vote for another account, you must have a new IP.)

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