New Computer




So I decided to build a new computer for a better quality of life while gaming and working alike. I have 16 GB of ram, a solid state hard drive, SLI enabled video cards, water cooling, and it’s all in black. I wanted to have a much faster responding computer especially during my reboots. The solid state drive I now have gets the computer from turned off to logged into windows in about 13 seconds. That’s remarkable compared to what I used to have.

This new computer also can support 4 monitors… so why not? I decided I could get more done at once with multiple monitors. This has proven to be a big help, however is a little more than I’m used to. I ended up finding some competitively priced monitors at my local Frys, and ordered the mount through Amazon. It really wasn’t as expensive as I had initially feared for 4 monitors, and now I’m using 24 inch instead of 23.

Because Windows 7 lacks some of the cooler features for multi monitor setup’s, I am using a program called display fusion to handle spanning my desktop background and automatically rotating the images around on a timer.


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