HeroStatus Addon for WoW 2.4.3

I’ve been playing on a private server, and wanted to update the mod I wrote for retail wow. Turns out, neither wowinterface, nor curse are ok with my posting of an outdated mod for a private server. Curse just denied me access to my own mod, and wowinterface completely deleted it. It’s as though it wasn’t ever there.

Because of this, I’ve decided to host my addon on my own website. I’ll keep it updated here.

Download Addon

HeroStatus 2.0.5

Healer Icon

This feature will put an icon over all healers in a battleground, allowing you to isolate the healers and take them out first.

Say Sapped
If a rogue saps you, you will /say Sapped!!! This way everyone around you knows there’s a rogue nearby.

AFK Auto Reporting
You can now automatically report players afk in battlegrounds based on their damage or healing done, and how often they move. At the moment reporting only occurs when players are not moving for 1 minute consecutively and have less then 3.5k healing or damage. If they have more then that, I assume they are not a bot, and therefor will not report them. Optional to turn on silent reporting in case you didn’t want to get into a flame war with some guy trying to leech your honor.

Killing Blow Alert
When you get a killing blow, HeroStatus will display text in the top middle of your screen letting you know. Optionally you can turn on sound effects for this. Sounds are a random selection of some of the more memorable quotes from bosses when they kill a player (ie: Illidan – You are not prepared).

Honor Alert
Alerts you when you have a certain amount of honor. If you are trying to save for a certain item, you will know the moment you have enough honor.

Track Honor Kills
Keeps track of your daily honorable kills.

Slash Commands

/hs off – Turns off HeroStatus
/hs on – Turns on HeroStatus
/hs show – Displays config window
/hs version – Displays current HeroStatus Version

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