Auto-Voting Script Part II

So in my previous post on this, I outlined how the script operated, and gave an idea for the more computer savvy people how to get it up and running. Due to high demand, I’m finally getting around to writing a simple setup post for the average computer user.

Once again, this script will log into your Feenix account and perform a vote. This in turn gives you VP (vote points) that you can purchase gear/gems/etc with.

So here’s a fairly simple guide to setting up the script to run on your computer. I will assume you are running Windows 7.

  1. Download this zip file: 
  2. Unzip cURL folder to your C: drive
  3. Browse to C:\cURL\bin\
  4. Right click wow-one.bat and click edit (you may have to say run if a box pops up)
  5. Look for the line after “Grabbing Cookie with Login Credentials”
  6. Edit the line to reflect your account information, where “username=player&password=secretpass” you might have “username=Tpaste&password=BOOTY”
  7. Save changes and close this file
  8. Open your task scheduler. Start button > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler
  9. Right click “Task Scheduler Library” on the top left and choose “Create Task”
  10. On the General tab, give your task a name like “Wow-One Vote”
  11. On the triggers tab select New, and copy the image below: (yes you can type 3601 seconds)trigger
  12. On the Actions tab select New, and copy the image below where the arguments is this exactly: /c “C:\cURL\bin\wow-one.bat”action
  13. There is another setting for users who don’t have a password on their windows account. I don’t recall what it is, but if I run into it again, I’ll update this post to reflect that.

At this point you should just be able to right click your new task in the scheduler and manually run it. If everything works correctly you should have a log file in your C:\cURL\bin\wow-one.log

If you have already voted for this 12 hour block, you won’t get a log back.

Also, because feenix checks your IP address, you can only vote using this script once every 12 hours. I run the script every hour in case of server outage. There is a way with cURL to use proxies to perform the same operations, but I’ve never played with it as it hasn’t been a priority. If you want to give it a go, I’d be happy to look at it with you.


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