76 Vette – Sidepipes


I’m currently in a lot of projects with this car. Me and a buddy (Nate) have swapped the front and rear suspension. We have to finish installing the new rack and pinion, EFI, headers/sidepipes, oilpan/dipstick tube and the transmission coolant lines (among other things). We have started on the sidepipe headers and run into a lot more than we bargained for.

These are the Doug Headers we ordered from Summit Racing. I’m leaving the plastic on them until I know I won’t be taking them off again for fitting. This is actually the second set I have received. The first set wasn’t fitting correctly, so I reached out the Summit’s technical department and they contacted Doug’s with me on the phone. The Doug’s rep suggested quite emphatically that these were strictly bolt and go headers and that no modifications would be needed. The Summit tech had asked if I received any installation instructions (which I did not), and after a couple minutes decided to just ship the headers back and send me new ones.

Once we opened the new headers… aha, there are instructions. In these instructions it clearly states that I will have to make modifications to the body and side skirt. They show measurements for this on the instructions, but they seem incomplete. We are just taking a little off at a time and test fitting the headers, and then the side skirt.


We have taken quite a bit off the stainless skirt already, and I think we need to remove a little more. Once we have this side fit correctly, we will copy it with card stock paper and mirror it for the driver’s side. The good news is that we have the headers flush against the head, so I am very optimistic this time around for completing this install.



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